Our data processing team, with more than 30 years’ experience in the Direct Mail industry, are here to advise and help you. With bespoke professional software, we have the tools to maximise your data potential, achieve optimum cost savings and produce individually targeted letters for maximum impact.

Data is the heart – and the start – of your campaign

As part of our standard procedures, we audit each file and produce a breakdown of the data in a report for you, so you can see if any addresses are incomplete, overseas etc.

We can even provide you with a free data audit to show deceased and gone-away records with the new addresses, if available.

We can handle all Direct Mail processing procedures including:

  • De-duping to any required level across multiple files
  • Industry suppressions (MPS, Gone Aways, Mortascreen etc)
  • Mailsorting and address enhancement

We routinely let you know about the condition of your supplied data and verify files received, quantities, undeliverable records and overseas addresses. We also confirm validity of the addresses and adjust postcodes where appropriate.

As an experienced Direct Mail company, we understand your need to target the right proposition to the right person. We specialise in mailings where letters are tailored to the individual, with data driven copy and personalised paragraphs to illustrate your unique relationship with your individual customers.

We’re able to personalise anything from small postcards through to C4 outers and A3 letters. Mailing volumes aren’t an issue either; we can handle large or small volumes and we have the ability to offer simplex and duplex personalisation. Colour personalisation can be accommodated with our digital press providing solutions for short run personalised pieces.

Our kit consists of:

  • 8 x HP9000 series laser printers
    Simplex and duplex black (297 x 438mm)
  • 2 x Rena 616 inkjet printers
    Simplex black & single colour (88 x 500mm)
  • Toshiba 5540SE Digital printer
    Simplex & duplex colour (320 x 460mm)

To find out more about our direct mail data processing solutions,
please call us on: O14O3 78O989